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High Desert Village is first and foremost an inclusive community made up of Central Oregon elders who are engaged in the adventure of what Angeles Arrien has called the “second half of life”.  We seek to dignify aging and help one another to remain independent and thrive as much as possible in our own homes.

National Connection

Founded in 2009, we are a part of the Village to Village network, a national organization that collaborates to maximize the growth, impact, and sustainability of individual Villages and the village movement.  Boston’s Beacon Hill Village was the first in the nation.  Today there are over 250 Villages in 45 states, with over 62 in various stages of development.

Social Activities

Members come together for three annual Village-wide events, including the annual meeting in May, a summer picnic, and a mid-winter gathering.  Close personal relationships develop within the Village, and there are also regularly scheduled opportunities for groups of interested individuals to meet for coffee, hiking, movies, Pub Night, and other member initiated activities.

Community Resources

High Desert Village researches and provides up-to-date information to members on a broad array of resources that are relevant to our community, including, among others, educational offerings, literature and brochures, tools for  end-of-life planning, local activities of interest, and health-related services.  Resources are available on the High Desert Village website.

Volunteer Support

Whether it’s a ride to the airport, help with household repairs, a computer question, support with meals, navigating the health care system, or simply providing companionship, High Desert Village members offer support to one another through a network of our Member Volunteer Service Teams.  This is the core of our community, as it promotes our primary mission of members helping members through connectedness and mutual support.  We are a member driven organization.

[Revised 02/01/2023]