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Communications & Technology Team

  • Basic home tech support for PC or Mac computers & other electronics
  • Maintain Events Calendar, coordinate Zoom calls, publish Newsletter
  • Maintain and update website, member roster, and volunteer service lists
  • Oversee service request process, HDV Email to/from members

Drivers Team

  • Transportation to and from medical and other appointments
  • Transportation for local errands, HDV events, and to/from the airport

Good Time Team

  • Organize Village-wide events (Annual Meeting, Summer Picnic, and Post-Holiday Party)
  • Organize smaller gatherings (Monthly Coffee, Pub Night, Zoom events, etc.)

Handyman Team

  • "If it squeaks, leaks, or has come unhinged – don’t despair, we’re here to make the repair"
  • Your Handyman team brings a wide array of experience, skills and abilities to help with those household fix-it projects, inside or out.  Call to see if we can help.  No heavy lifting or tall ladders though.
  • We also have a Tradesman Resource Directory (Call 541-419-9912 to request a copy).

Health Advocacy Team

  • Health system navigation and advocacy
  • Health check-ins by phone
  • Preparation, note taking, and support for medical office and Telehealth visits
  • Support for acute hospitalization and illness
  • Post-hospital support
  • Pick up equipment and medication
  • Advance Care Planning and End-of-Life support
  • Send flowers
  • Education on health-related topics through newsletters, emails, organized workshops

Helping Hands Team

  • Companionship, inclement weather phone check-in
  • Errands and shopping
  • Temporary meals when needed
  • Simple Housekeeping
  • Home checks
  • Landscaping Advice, Gardening support
  • Basic mending
  • Send thank-yous, appreciation certificates

Membership/Welcome Aboard Team

  • Recruitment
  • Interview potential members/home visit, coordinate screening and paperwork
  • Send welcome letter to new members, distribute magnets and membership packet
  • Send new member info to Dispatch, Comm Tech, president, treasurer
  • Manage annual member renewals
  • Update waiver and other membership materials as needed

Organizational Team/Board

  • Leadership, Board representation, oversight of Volunteer Service Teams
  • Background checks
  • Manage Village finances, P.O. Box, 501(c)(3) status (Board Treasurer)
  • Archive records (Board Secretary)
  • Manage membership and participation in national Village-to-Village Network

edited 9/21/2020 rjm